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A data driven solution for the cleaning service industry.

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Roza-fy Your Cleaning Business

RozaRoute helps commercial cleaning companies of any size monitor and streamline the work of their teams, through real time data on the job, while providing guidance and training.

Rozalado Services Team
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Our Mission: To Change the Perception of Cleaners and the Cleaning Industry.

The RozaRoute app and smartwatch app provides real time analytics regarding the team’s performance by gathering real time data and feedback.

It also allows for workflow guidance while an employee is on the job, and assists in profile building for better service in the future by teams with identities. RozaRoute helps you give cleaners the support they need to perform efficiently.

Core Features

Workflow Builder

Use RozaRoute's Workflow Builder to plan out the most optimal task-by-task route through any job in advance. Share critical information like access codes and special customer requests so your team is set up for success.

Real Time Data On the Job

With RozaRoute’s one touch task completions, collecting real time data on site about your team’s performance is easy for you and your cleaners. Dive into the details and uncover important insights from your entire business like never before.

Job Scheduling and Time Keeping

Simplify and Automate Operations with integrated job scheduling, time keeping and geofencing. Stay connected from start to finish with cleaners and delight customers with your commitment to excellence.

Cleaner Profiles

Transform your company culture and empower your teams with the data-driven recognition they deserve. Cleaner Profiles put a face to hard work and provide a place to showcase the unique talents and accomplishments of employees.

Choose Your Plan

Standard Plan


  • 1 to 3 Users
  • Workflow Builder
  • Time & Geo Tracking
Professional Plan


  • 4 to 20 Users
  • All Standard Features
  • Profile Builder
Enterprise Plan


  • Unlimited Users
  • All Professional Features
  • Smart Watch App